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Hi! I’m Gennavieve Lisitski and I’ve been a member of Gilda’s club South Jersey for 5 years now, crazy right? Back in 2012, when I was 8 years old, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Me, only being 8 years old, thought the world was ending around me. It was horrible to me, thinking “how could this had happened to my mother?” Well, in the same year, I started going to Noogieland and Gilda’s club to help me cope with this. I was nervous at first, thinking I wouldn’t have any friends and I just didn’t want to leave my mother’s side. Well, Lori Stranges, the wonderful woman who runs the Noogieland program, welcomed me in with open arms. I made new friends who were in the same situation as me, someone they knew or know has cancer. Noogieland helped me cope with my mother’s surgeries and all of those other things that came with cancer. I’ve been going to Gilda’s whenever I could and used to go every Tuesday. My mother is now cancer free and is done with her surgeries. And thanks to Gilda’s, they gave me a way to cope with all of the craziness I thought was impossible.
Gennavieve Lisitski

Gilda’s Club is here for ANYONE who has been affected by cancer. That is why this year we are reaching out more by relaunching our Teen Program. So as Gennavieve and other Noogies like her have grown older (she is 14 now!), we can provide them with age-appropriate educational resources and workshops, so they are still able to enjoy the same benefits as members who frequent our Clubhouse.

So far we have already launched in four high schools, and plan to be in additional high schools by the end of 2019. The last thing we want to do to these teens is add one more thing to their busy plates, worry about transportation, and feeling pressured about opening up and talking. This is why we go directly into the schools and give these teens a space to talk (or not talk).

Just like the rest of our programs, the teens will be able to come to us while we are in their schools and nothing financially will be asked of them or their families. This is why we need people like you make our mission possible. 

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