Board of Trustees, MRC, Staff & Facilitators

Board of Trustees

Active Trustees

  • Anne Baker
  • John Baker, MD*
  • Jessie Cipa
  • Eddie Davis*
  • Stacy DiDonato
  • Timothy Dolan
  • Christine Eden
  • John Edgar
  • Scott Hafetz, Chairman
  • Andrew Halliday
  • Donna Howell, Vice Chairman of Mission & Planning
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Andrew Kerstein, Secretary & Treasurer
  • James Malamut, Vice Chairman of Development
  • Mila McDonough
  • Chris Monihan
  • Michael Salad, Esq.*
  • Lindsay Switzer

* - denotes member of the Executive Committee

Founding Trustees

  • Charlotte Berger
  • Dorothea Meltzer
  • Martha Moskowitz

Advisory Trustees

  • Anne Baker
  • Christopher Clayton
  • Eileen Conran-Folks
  • Michael and Lynn Dooley
  • Audrey Fischer
  • Carla Glass
  • Barbara Gomes
  • James Greenberg, Esq.
  • Jon Henderson
  • Joseph Jacobs
  • Pat Koelling
  • Phyllis Lacca
  • Joan Licursi
  • Al Maiorani
  • Steve Marchel
  • David May, MD
  • Alan Oberman
  • Donald Parker
  • Richard Pitman
  • Tom Reynolds
  • Jesse Vitagliano
  • Kenneth Wolfe, Esq.

Medical Resource Council (MRC)

  • Rajasree Ajay, MD
    Ajay and Borai MD Cancer Center
  • Patrick Arnold, DC
    Mainland Wellness & Rehabilitation Center
  • Peggy Avagliano, MD
    Atlantic Medical Imaging
  • Deborah Bayer, DO
    Hematology and Oncology
  • Nasser Borai, MD
    Ajay and Borai MD Cancer Center
  • Jennifer Brooks, PT, MPT, CLT-LANA
    Bacharach Institute of Rehabilitation
  • Anjeanette Brown, MD
    The Plastic Surgery Center
  • Gordon Callender, MD
  • Steven Chang, RPh
    Essential Elements Vitamin & Nutrition Center
  • Julianne Childs, DO, FACOI
    HOPE Community Cancer Center/Regional Cancer Care Associates
  • David Cho, MD
    Cape Regional Medical Center
  • James Dalzell, MD
    Nazha Cancer Center
  • Desiree D’Angelo-Donovan, DO
    Galler, Feinberg, Herrington and D'Angelo Surgical Associates
  • Michael Del Rosario, MD, FACS
    Minimally Invasive Surgeons of South Jersey
  • Joseph DeStefano, MD
  • Andres Ferber, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper
  • Kristine Fredericksdorf, CSW
    Regional Cancer Care Associates
  • Michele Gaguski, MSN,RN,AOCN,CHPN,APN-C
    Kennedy Cancer Center
  • Leonard Galler, MD, FACS
    Galler, Feinberg, Herrington and D'Angelo Surgical Associates

  • Robert Goldberg, MD
  • Generosa Grana, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper
  • Marianne Herman, MSN, RN, ACHPN, APN-C
    AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center
  • Scott Hernberg, DO
    Tomorrow’s Wellness Center
  • James Herrington, MD, FACS
    Galler, Feinberg, Herrington and D'Angelo Surgical Associates
  • Samantha Hill, MSW, LCSW
    AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute
  • Marvin Hyett, MD
  • David May, MD, FACS
    Shore Physicians Group
  • Naim Nazha, MD
    Nazha Cancer Center
  • Theresa Netz, RN
    Cape Regional Medical Center
  • Adam Saad, MD
    The Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey
  • Dana Sless, MD
    Brighton Pediatrics
  • Mohit Sood, DO
    Shore Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Brian Steixner, MD
    Jersey Urology Group
  • Cathy Sutman, MSW, LSW
    AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute
  • Robyn Tiger, MD, PYT, RYT-500, CRMT
    Yoga Heals 4 Life
  • Kay Wilsbach, MSW, LCSW, DRCC
    AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center
  • Vasthi Wilson, MD
    Shore Medical Center
  • James Wurzer, MD, PhD
    AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute


  • , MSW, LSW 
    Program Director
    Development Director
  • , MSW, LSW 
    Program Manager

  • Development Coordinator

  • Noogieland Program Manager

  • Program Manager (Gilda's Club at AtlantiCare)

  • Accountant


  • Sara Halsey, MSW, LCSW
  • Stephanie Hand-Kowchak, MSW, LSW, CT
  • Eleanore Keefe, MSW, LCSW
  • Barry Keefe, MSW
  • Sandy Purinton, LPC
  • Kit Siracusa, MSW, LCSW